Regular maintenance can prevent you having to call out a repair company or engineer and save you money in the long run. Here are a few tips and some maintenance advice:

Washing machines and Washer Dryers
• Clean out the soap draw and unblock any filters on a regular basis.

• Make sure your appliance is level and the feet are secure.

• Do not overload the drum.

• Run a 90 degree (boil wash) at least once a month. This will

breakdown any excess soap scum and reduce bacteria build up in the drum.

• Check your pockets for coins, hair clips, lighters and keys before loading

your appliance.

• Pull back your door seal to remove any foreign objects.

• Clean the door glass from time to time and scrape off any excess

limescale build up.

• Run the “fluff removal” program (if available) on your washer dryer on

a regular basis.

• Remove all filters and clean under a hot tap, at least once a week.

• Scrape off any excess food before loading your appliance. Remember

your Dishwasher is not a Waste Disposal.

• Keep your Salt and Rinse Aid topped up and check regularly.

• Give your seals a clean from time to time and wipe around the edge of door.

• Check your door seals and clean with mild detergent to ensure a good seal.

• Vacuum the base and rear (if accessible) to remove any excess fluff build up.

• Clean and defrost your appliance before going on holiday or over a weekend.

• Replace water filters every 6 months ( American style Fridge-Freezers).

• Choose what you want before opening the door and don’t leave it open

too long.

Ovens, Cookers, Ranges
• Line your trays and base with foil or baking sheets to prevent

excess spills and grease build up

• Wipe over surfaces after each use.

• Remove any excess spills with a plastic scraper.

• Clean glass with paint scraper or blade.

• Clean surround seals with warm water to prevent any heat loss.

Tumble Dryers & Condenser Dryers
• Clean lint filters after each use.

• Check and vacuum your complete venting system on a yearly basis to

prevent fire hazard.

• Make sure your appliance is level.

• Do not overload the drum.

• Clean heat exchanges or condenser units over the bath or outside with

a hose pipe.

• Empty condensation draw/chamber after each use.

Cooker Hoods & Extractor Fans
• Replace filters every six months (self extracting only).

• Wash mesh filters in your Dishwasher on a regular basis.

• Wipe over surfaces with warm water to avoid excess grease build up.

• Use Baby Oil and a clean cloth to remove fingerprints from stainless

steal surfaces.

• Check external vents and flaps if suction is poor.

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Prelonging the life of your appliances

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